Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Over the last few months my blog has come up in conversation and only today did I look at it, after
I told a friend to search for it. I then realised the last time I blogged was 2 years ago. Whoops, 

Well what can I say I've been busy so sadly anyone that cared enough would have had to find my cool pictures of our family over on Instagram,. I love Instagram it is so easy to snap and share.

To try and get me back in the game of pounding away at the keyboard to share our unique life with you all here's a round up of two year:

1. My baby is at school
2. I studied last year and now am back to 5 day employment after being Mum to little ones at home for a long time.
3. Lots of Travel, I love getting away with the kids and I will try and share some of our adventures.
4. We rescued a Dog from Animal Welfare, that's blog in itself
4. I have a very short attention span and to be honest trying to be super mum cooking dinner and blog at the same time. If you count chips in the oven as cooking, They are real potatoes and I even peeled and cut them up. Did I just change the subject, did I just write 4 twice? No Mum shaming here. I'm all over this Mumming Business today.

I'm sure we have had a jammed packed two years seeing I was to busy to document it all. Let start again, here are some photos of what we look like now.

5th Birthday, must have pj's pic playing with new toys.

Shout Out Game - so much family fun, just look at us so attractive...

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  1. Lol!! LOVE the game photos!! �� Missed your blog xx


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