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Is it a prince or a princess

Baby number three is in the way, in April anyway. I thought seeing as I'm 16+5 wks pregnant this would be a great place to start to blog this new adventure. We have our next ultrasound in two weeks, were we can find out the sex of the baby. I don't want to know I want the surprise after the labour of having to get the thing out of me. Dave wants to know but I think I will win and not find out.

With seven grand daughter on the Cummings side and no grand sons to carry of the name I think that Dave would like a boy but maybe we are just not made for making boys.

I have just started to show, well I think that i'm showing but people that don't know that i'm pregnant have not guessed yet. I had one of the trainers at the gym ask last week if I was still pregnant as she had not seen me for a while and it looked like my body had not changed. It was a little uncomfortable for her, as she was expecting me to tell her that I had lost the baby.

Had my first appointment at the hos…