Choosing Hope

An open letter to all
As October marks International Pregnancy and Infant loss month it is time for many families to reflect on the impact one little soul has had on their lives even if it has been for such a short time.  In 2010 we were awaiting the arrival of our third baby, our first boy. On the day that we found out Riley was a boy; my husband had a spring in his step as he planned our son’s future sporting career and when would be a good time to retire from local club footy to take on a coaching role. We were so excited and never ever did we expect that our only son would never get to come home with us. We were a busy young family with two girls aged 4 and 2, like any family a new baby brings about much planning, hospital appointments on a weekly basis as my pervious babies arrived a little early and running around being the mum with all hats on at once. We had brought a new house to accommodate the new member of our family, set up his room and washed all his clothes, we were…


As we head into the last week of term for the Princesses we're all dreaming of having a break and the awesome time that we had when we went away over the Summer Holidays. We were very lucky enough to go on a cruise around the Pacific on P&O Eden.  Santo was the first stop and it was beautiful, so beautiful I actually spent the time enjoying it and not taking many photo's with my camera and left it up to Hubby and the GoPro. After we got off the ship we arranged a bus and driver for the day, hot tip the further along the street you go, you get a better price. Don't expect air conditioning, or luxury like we have in Australia either. That is just not island style, they will say yeah we have air con then you drive around with the windows open all day. FREE AIR CON. I  had the same type of air con in my first car.
In Santo we started at the Blue Lagoon, unbelievable, amazing clear fresh water. The Blue Lagoon effect is caused by the limestone. You know it is good when you…

Schools Back

Schools Back, Schools Back its an awesome day today. I actually made it on time. That's a great start to the school year.

Here's some pics of the darling Princesses

Clearly one of these three didn't want a photo today.

Running away - losing Riley

Today is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Day, last year I was challenged by friends to write about my pregnancy loss, my journey. I thought about some things which I had not written about before, I wrote a list of titles that I wanted to write about, to document for my girls what my days where like, to give justification to how life was like and how it is now. However writing does not come easy to me and writing about these days is emotional and can take me to the moment, the emptiness, simply at times I just can not write about how hard it really was.

But today as women and men around the globe light candles for their babies that have gone to soon, I feel compelled to write of the times when the struggle to move forward and create a picture of our future seemed so far out of reach.

On the 16th February 2010 I gave birth to my only son Riley. I could say this was the darkest day but in honesty it wasn't it, even the days between holding Riley and his funeral were …

Survive & Thrive being 1 in 4

As this image came across my newsfeed on face book a couple of weeks ago I could completely relate. October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month with the week of the 9th of October to 17th October being Remembrance week.

I'm one in four that have experienced the loss of a child, I am one in four that has had a miscarriage actually 2. I am one in four that nearly lost hope of having another child.
More then anything I'm one in four women thatsurvive the loss of a child andthrive to see the blessings each day. I am the women that you walk past in the street that has three beautiful girls, yeah there is an age gap between Miss P and Miss J and when you point it out to me, I will tell you of my beautiful son.

I posted this image on my facebook page and instagram to not promote what I have been through but to put it out there for other women to see they are not alone. If you have experienced miscarriage, infant loss or stillbirth then break the silence and let other women k…

Portraits of Three Princesses

I love this image of Poppy's she is just luminescent, such a wonderful reflection of her personality.
If only they loved each other like this all the time

Monique and all her sweetness
Josephine her eye's look like pools that you could just dive into. Our crazy Princess filled life....

Bears of Hope Ball - What a Fantastic Night

A couple of weekends ago I was very lucky to be able to attend the Bears of Hope Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Ball. It is an awesome night and I'm so grateful that I can be part of such a wonderful charity that supports families.

I have written about Bears of Hope before, I have mentioned the Bear of Hope Ball and being involved in the Ball Committee. What I haven't written about before is the over whelming feelings you have attending the ball. During the night there is a candle lighting, it is a time to light your candle for your baby, to watch a beautiful slide show of all the babies names of the people that are in attendance.

This year I sat with Jen, my partner in Bears of Hope crime, we became friends 4 yrs ago, not long after I had Riley and just 12 months after Jen lost her first son Bailey. In the first year of our work with Bears of Hope we both very much needed a purpose. There may have even been some competition on who go the most amount of sponsors and donat…