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Moving Again

Moving Time again, this time only a short move to another house but non the less it has meant packing up and clearing out. Three years ago we made the decision to try for another baby, baby number 3. This also meant a house and a car upgrade to cater for our family. We had it all planned out.

At the time we had a duplex so we got it ready for market and sold it to upgrade and buy a bigger house in the same suburb. The plan was the house would be sold I would fall pregnant, we would be in our new house and we would live there for a long time. Where did that plan go to?

Our world changed when Baby 3, Riley passed away, we realised that we needed change that maybe the plan that we have mapped out was not the plan for us right now. Hey maybe we don't have a plan at all maybe we just have random events that make us follow paths until another opportunity arises.

Three years from the plan and we have lost a baby, moved interstate, had a rainbow baby, two kids have started school, made s…

Seven Months Old

Our Beautiful Girl is Seven Months old, in a couple of weeks she went from being a BABY to being a baby that could eat solids and sitting up by herself. She laughs and giggles when we tickle her. Monique and Poppy love to blow raspberries on her tummy to make her laugh. Poppy still can't keep her hand off Josephine which at times is a challenge, I'm hoping that they will have an unbelievable bond as they grow up together and this time when I think it is such a pain that Josephine can't be left alone with the grabby love you to death Poppy will be the foundation of that very strong bond.
Josephine's eyes are so beautiful and she definitely looks like the other kids. These photos have not been edited and they really don't show how blue her eyes really are.

June has flown by

June has been a busy month and has just flown by with a blink of a eye. Now what did we do this month.

Chrish came to visit and we got to meet the fabulous Kings ( Lisa and the boys) finally. It was so nice to meet face to face. There is something about Lisa that I have always felt a connection not just being good friends with her brother (Chrish). When I told Chish this he said it is because we are alike and are both bossy. Hey buddie you better watch it next time you come I'm going be putting a pin under your air mattress and you will slowly be sleeping on the hard hard floor.

We went on an ADVENTURE WALK. Heres pictures of Tarzan and his children.

Poppy got a Red Award, so proud of her. She was so excited to stand up in front of the whole school. The girls had sports carnival at school. Poppy came second in her race and Monique was the first to finish last in her race but she ran the whole way and I couldn't have been more proud. Hey it is an improvement from skipping when …