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An Unexpected Guest

After our very relaxing day on Good Friday at the beach we had a very exciting surprise at the front door. Not knowing many people in Qld when you have a knock on the front door you question who it could be. Then the front door opens and I was thinking this is very strange, and a little freaked out by the fact some one that I don't know is opening my front door.

I walked down the stairs to find Chrish our dear friend from NSW had driven 12hrs to just pop over for a visit. It was so lovely and was like we were at home again which Chrish popping over like he lived 10 minutes away. Chrish's day at the beach with us

When the sun shines

On Friday we got up early and headed for Kurrawa beach, the Gold Coast is full of wonderful beaches and this is one of the best. It is where the annual Surf Lifesaving Carnival is held.
Not a cloud in the sky  We met up with some friends and their girls, we had to make 4 mermaids, our arms and legs were so sore from the digging and the nice sand rash on our knees.

We had such a lovely day and we didn't want it to end.

If I would have a wish!

If I could have a wish for my family it would be to have lots of fun and laugh alot.
I was writting this in my journal the other day and at that exact moment Miss P walked in with a clown wig on and tried to make me laugh. I love laughter, it is like bubbles that can not be contained that pop and make others laugh as well.

As we enter the easter weekend, I wish that we have a fantastic 5 days filled with laughter and happy memories.

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden, a photo by Anz2girls on Flickr.

Toadstool Man

Toadstool Man, a photo by Anz2girls on Flickr.

Ready for a Fairy Wish

Ready for a Fairy Wish, a photo by Anz2girls on Flickr.

I wish to ride a unicorn

I wish to ride a unicorn, a photo by Anz2girls on Flickr.

Lookings for Fairies

Lookings for Fairies, a photo by Anz2girls on Flickr.

Cross Country

Monique had her first Cross Country on Tuesday. 800m is a very long run for little kids. Now she didn't come first, she was smart and paced herself. RUN, STOP, PANT, RUN, STOP, PANT she has seen me run way to many times and definately got her running style from me. So proud that she had fun and kept going until the end, not to mention she didn't come last!

Making the Most of it

Got to make the most of Rie & Mikie so after a quick lunch we head over to Seaworld for an hour. One of the benefits of living on the Gold Coast is that you can go to the Theme Parks like they are your local park. We have VIP Passes (3 Park Pass) and although a big cost we have really loved having them.

Rie & Mikie Come for a visit

The two princesses love Rie and Mikie (their Grandparents, my parents) so much and not seeing them for three months has been tough for both sides. So on Saturday it was an early start as the girls were so excited to see them. Although they didn't arrive until 12.30pm Monique was up before 6am so that she could make a sign to take to the airport. For the last week Poppy had been counting the sleeps.

These photos say it all, the anticipation......

As soon as Monique and Poppy saw Rie & Mikie the sign was thrown on the ground and they ran for a jumping embrace like they had not seen them for years.

The Gallery of Modern Art - finally we are here

Finally after allof the other culture we stumbled across we made it to the GoMA (as we people that are cultured call it)
This was taken on the was to GoMA, Whale Mall. Now Let me just say that alot of Modern Art is just STRANGE! Some of the things that we saw included a film of a fat man rocking in a rocking chair STRANGE! A film of 12 people doing Michael Jackson impersonations, this was funny and Monique's favourite of the day. There was a room filled with purple balloons which you walk through. The line was too long so we moved onto the next 'ART' work. We no less then 5 times got into trouble by staff at the GoMA
1. Poppy climbed on to the ice of a headless iceskating man (another strange one)
2. I took a photo using my flash, of these fantastic balls and so glad that I did...
3. Poppy once agian tried to climb onto the artwork
4. David touched something
5. David built his lego tower really tall and was told it was dangerous 
Yes the pattern is of Sperm

Lego Table

Our day of cul…

At the Museum

We popped into the museum on the way to the Art Gallery as once again it was free. The girls love Dinosaurs and this is Monique's impression of a T-Rex.
We then measured Monique to make sure she is not a 'Hobbit'. Glad to say that is taller then a Hobbit.

But as we have always thought Poppy is a Hobbit

It was a very quick visit to the musuem and we will definately be going back. We love FREE activities and with school holidays in a week we will be looking for things to do.

Day of Culture - Part 2.

Outside the Gallery we found a lady just sitting around. So as you do the girls climbed her lap to get a little closer. David's fantastic photo of me!
Poppy with her new friend, she was having a great chat. 

A Day of Culture - Part 1.

On Saturday we set off for a day of Culture in Brisbane. We had never taken the kids to the art gallery before and David had never been either, so off the Galley of Modern Art (GOMA) which is FREE. Another amazing thing about QLD, all the free activities.

Once we are in the city we find a park, thinking it will cost us a small fortune based on Sydney parking, we were happy to find that it was only going to cost us $15 for the day. As we leave the car park a see a small sign saying to go to the conceirge desk and get a ticket for $5 parking. WooHoo So happy. We go and they say they don't have anymore tickets left so here is one for FREE Parking. Loving Brisbane already.

First stop on our day of culture was Tiffany's. Monique picked no less then 10 items which she would like. She either better start saving or find herself a rich sugar daddy. Then to David Jones for a free spray of purfume and a browse. I don't know how but we ended up in the Toy section.......

A walk through th…

New Design

Well Well a new design, two posts on a week, what will be next? Here are some pictures to keep you going! Lizzie the Bearded Dragon We found her in the back yard and she had a sleep over in our little blue pool. The next morning we discussed that Lizzie might have a sister that she misses very much and how would the girls feel if they couldn't find each other. They decided that it was best to let Lizzie go and find her sister. Amazing Eyes - My Poppy
My Most favourite cookie jar from my Nan - Thelma Hamilton