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Chicken Dance

Monique had an open day at school last week and her class put on this presentation of the chicken dance.

Beiber Fever

Monique got a Justin Beiber CD for her birthday and a CD player with a microphone. Priceless singing for the last week.  Baby Baby Baby Oh.... Over and over and over again.
Cricket Set from Daddy, he never gives up hope that his girls will be sports superstars. Clothes and more clothes you can never have enough.

Sunny Days - Rocking Chair

I have revamped an old rocking chair which I scored from my sister in law "Suzie", I'm not crafty but I think I have great ideas. I'm really happy with the way this turned out. Today I finished the birdie cushion. This sits in Sunny's room. We have all had a turn on the rocking chair pretending to hold Sunny and read her stories.  By the amount of "I's" that have been used in this post, you can see how impressed with myself I am.

Next project........
A quilt for the bassinet, maybe a little out of my league but I can try, never know I might surprise myself.

Sunny Days - 30 weeks

30 weeks, let me fall asleep now and wake with you cooing in my arms.
Sunny how you have grown

Monique's Birthday - Her Party

My big girl Monique is 6 today, on the weekend we had a Hungry Jacks Party for her and 8 of her girlie friends from Prep. She had a great time and the squealing was enough for me to be thankful that the party was not at our house. At first I felt really slack having a Hungry Jacks party and not doing the whole thing at home but when I woke on Saturday morning to rain I didn't feel so bad.

 Food Time

 Playing Hide & Seek  Presents

At night I sneek in and watch you sleep

From the moment I became a Mummy I have snuck into my girls bedroom at night to watch them sleep. I love how they each have a different way to sleep. The arms flung above her head Poppy or Monique in a tangle of blankets and legs twisted this way and that. I can look into their faces and see my babies which are growing so fast that I want to capture every moment. I don't want to imagine what they will be like as teenagers or as adults I just want to be able to see their sweet innocent faces sleeping every night.

I look at them and know that they are capable of anything and only imagine the wonderful impact that they will have on others if they only put their minds to good, not evil. I wonder when are they going to wake up and catch me and tell me to leave them alone. For how many more years will I be able to sneak into their room and watch them sleep.

After a crazy day or school, preschool, a trip to the shops, dinner, bath and all the aguments and laugher in between. I love to …

Inspiring family - The Kings

I can't go through today without a special mention to a very inspiring family, The King Family. One of my very good friends is Chrish he has featured on this blog many times, his Sister Lisa and her family today have to do the very sad thing that no parent wants to ever imagine doing and lay their child to rest. On 8th October their son Noah passed away at 10 yrs old. Over the last twelve months Lisa has become a friend to me and at times I think she and Simone (Chrish's cousin) are the only ones that read my blog.

So today I think of Lisa and Aaron and their very caring boys and know that rainbows will only shine for them today. That with the love and support of their Tassie family and friends they will get through today and with the love and support or their friend and family they will get through the hard days, months and years ahead.

Check out Lisa's blog HERE The images of her boys and their brother are amazing and the saying a picture tells a thousand words truely a…

A peaceful walk in the rainforest

When Chrish was up recently on his last day here we took a drive up the Mountain to see if we could find a waterfall to take some photos of. Dave was at work for the day, so once again he misses out on an adventure. What should have been a peaceful walk in the rainforest was actually a loud walk with Poppy whom was so worried about losing Monique in the forest that every time Monique was more then 3 steps ahead would have a heart attack. Peaceful with a 4 yr old is like peaceful with a ticking time bomb. We walked down to the falls which on the sign said it was only 500m but by the Poppy metreage it equates to about 15 freak outs. Once we got down to the falls she calmed down so thankfully the walk back up was a lot more peaceful.
We couldn't be the only ones taking photos so the girls had to have a go also.
Photo by Monique
Photo by Poppy

Photo by Poppy
Photo by Poppy
Photo by me, I love when Poppy wears these headbands they so represent her personality of being bright and out there.


Sunny Days - How am I meant to know

How am I meant to know if something is wrong when last time I didn't know until it was to late. What am I meant to be looking for, what should I have looked for last time. I'm well and truely past thinking I could have done something to prevent Riley from passing away. I have played the days over and over in my head, leading up to when I took myself to hospital with a feeling something was wrong. There is not one thing which I can say was an indicator that he was slowly or very fastly slipping away from us.

The only indicator was the lack of movement, so now with every movement or lack of movement I think is that a change in movement, should I be worried about it. A friend of mine which is also an angel parent told me when she was pregnant again after her loss that what got her through was saying 'God could not give me another dead baby', I know God is merciful and we only get what we can deal with but we only know what we can deal with once we have been dealt that han…

Sunny Days - Keep Busy

First day of the girls back at school and although the house is a bomb I just want to take a few minutes to breath in the quite of the day. Now that minute is gone it is time to get busy, to distract my mind of the fact that we have made it to 28 weeks and the time that we lost Riley is getting closer.

My mind is full of thoughts and I find myself woken by nightmares when I sleep. Surprisingly the nightmares are not about losing Sunny but losing everything else from the kids to friends. I wake with cries at night and screaming. Dave is learning to sleep through them but I'm sure they are taking a toll on him also.

So I take myself back to my coping tactics and try and find a way to get through the days to get to the end of this pregnancy and bring Sunny Home. Keeping busy seems to be working for me and having some sort of control of my day also helps. This might sound a little OCD but I say go with that is working. I have made a list of things to keep me busy for the next 9 weeks …