A peaceful walk in the rainforest

When Chrish was up recently on his last day here we took a drive up the Mountain to see if we could find a waterfall to take some photos of. Dave was at work for the day, so once again he misses out on an adventure. What should have been a peaceful walk in the rainforest was actually a loud walk with Poppy whom was so worried about losing Monique in the forest that every time Monique was more then 3 steps ahead would have a heart attack. Peaceful with a 4 yr old is like peaceful with a ticking time bomb. We walked down to the falls which on the sign said it was only 500m but by the Poppy metreage it equates to about 15 freak outs. Once we got down to the falls she calmed down so thankfully the walk back up was a lot more peaceful.

We couldn't be the only ones taking photos so the girls had to have a go also.

Photo by Monique

Photo by Poppy

Photo by Poppy

Photo by Poppy

Photo by me, I love when Poppy wears these headbands they so represent her personality of being bright and out there.

Chrish wanted to work out how to make the water freeze and I really suprised myself and work it out after a few goes.

Still need more practice but I was impressed that I remembered how to do this from what I was taught at photography at school, so many years ago.

Photo taken by Poppy

Chrish & the Girls


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