At night I sneek in and watch you sleep

From the moment I became a Mummy I have snuck into my girls bedroom at night to watch them sleep. I love how they each have a different way to sleep. The arms flung above her head Poppy or Monique in a tangle of blankets and legs twisted this way and that. I can look into their faces and see my babies which are growing so fast that I want to capture every moment. I don't want to imagine what they will be like as teenagers or as adults I just want to be able to see their sweet innocent faces sleeping every night.

I look at them and know that they are capable of anything and only imagine the wonderful impact that they will have on others if they only put their minds to good, not evil. I wonder when are they going to wake up and catch me and tell me to leave them alone. For how many more years will I be able to sneak into their room and watch them sleep.

Monique 3 weeks old

Monique 12 months old

Monique 18 mths old

Poppy 3 weeks old

Poppy 3 yrs old

After a crazy day or school, preschool, a trip to the shops, dinner, bath and all the aguments and laugher in between. I love to take the small moment of watching them sleep. The peacefulness is amazing.....


  1. Why is it your posts always seem to make me cry? I love you and your precious family xxx

  2. You know, I used to think you were crazy sneaking in after they were asleep.....but that was only because my girls used to be such light sleepers and would wake for sure! But now I love it too...I even have my own collection of sleeping pictures...I can't go to bed before I've been in and kissed them all :)
    Love the pictures too! The girls are so adorable!
    Love Suzie xo


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