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Keeping record

At church we are encouraged to keep record, to journal. Over the last twelve months I have been encouraged by friends and family to blog to keep this record of my family. To be able to look back on and see how far we have come. To see the up and downs and know that it is all part of the journey. It has been wonderful to be able to write, to get the crazies out of my head, to be able to write the story behind a photo.

Today my friends which have encouraged me so much, say good bye to a loved one. It is now that I can see the importance of keeping a family record, so when our memories fade from our minds, when life gets busy and we can't see the happiness through the clouds all we need to do is reflect on our family or personal journal to be reminded of the sunshine that always shines after a storm.

I always have a camera with me and Dave calls me Paparazzi, even he one day will be happy that I have kept a family record. For Christmas this year the girls went shopping with Grandma …

How could you live after the loss of your soul mate

On Thursday night Dave answered the phone, it was late and you know when you get a call late at night it is either bad news or family. Well this was bad news. All I can hear is him saying Lisa's Husband has died. What What are you talking about. I quickly grab the phone it is Chrish.
In October last year I wrote a tribute to the King Family (Lisa, Aaron and their 4 boys) when their son Noah passed away.  I've come to know the King's through Chrish, Lisa is his sister. Lisa and I have spoken via the computer and she is such a lovely person and so supportive of others.  You can read all about The Kings here and how they live and breath family. 

I can not even put into words what has happened so I will use Lisa's
"Friday, 27 January 2012And then there were four

We are home from our holiday down at St Helens early unfortunately because my heart is breaking as Aaron passed away after 9 pm last night. I'm numb and feel physically sick and can't believe it. It l…

A window in your mouth

A Blog Post from Monique.

How  I   got  my  tooth  out?
I  bite  my  tooth  on  my  pillow, and twisted, it  hurt  a  little.I  looked  funny  I  laughed.I  pulled  it  out  myself.I  had  another  wobbly  tooth  and  its  really  wobbly.the  tooth  fairy  came  and  gave  me  a  gold  coin.but  she  didn,t  take  the  tooth.I  liked  having  wobbly  teeth  and  it  was  really  funny  having  wobbly  teeth  and  it  was  fun.  the  end

Seven Weeks - I'm growing so fast

My mum has had to put away the first 0000 sized jumpsuit, I'm sure she shed a little tear when she put it away knowing that there will be no more babies in our house wearing it. But hey Mum pull it together I'm seven weeks old, most babies are out of that size within a couple of weeks!


My baby is going to School

Poppy has been my baby for so long it now seems strange for her to be about to start school. She is younger then what Monique was when she started and maybe not as ready to go to school. Or am i just trying to holding onto my baby for a little bit longer. Poppy is very creative and has a tendency to not listen or to argue her opinion when she is asked to do anything. I'm sure all of these traits will serve her well when she is an adult.  It will be interesting how she goes at school. I predict that she will be very social, maybe not so academic as her sister. We definately won't have a problem leaving her at school on the first day, she is likely to find a friend and be sending us away.

This week being the week before school starts its practice week. We practice getting up in the morning on time, eating breakfast, having a bath, getting hair done, clothes on (in our practice runs I don't make them wear their uniforms) and be standing at the front door ready to leave the ho…

Pity Party

After a few weeks of living in my own Pity Party, I'm glad to say that the party is over.

I'm over feeling sorry for myself that I'm not able to drive, I'm over the fact that I have to take medication until we can work out what is going on. Yeah it is a pain to not be able to drive, it has been a month already and as much as it is a pain for me it is also a pain for Dave. He now has to drive me and the girls everywhere. He has to do all the shopping, all the medical appointments, all the swimming lessons, all the birthday present buying, all the little things which I just do without even having to discuss with him. I think this not driving is going to end up being more of a pain for him then it is for me.

I'm ready to just get on with it. We are at the start of a new year, school goes back in a week, Dave is back to work this week. It is time to start afresh and start the new year with a smile on my face and a go get them attitude.

Cheers to the end of the Pity Party…

My Bestie

This week I have enjoyed two days with my bestie, it was awesome to just be able to relax at home and catch up. It was also nice to see her little man again, he is so cute and the squeals of delight when the girls played with him were wonderful. I look forward to hearing those same sounds as Josephine grows.

Remember the whale

The toll of a month off work and the girls being off school since the start of December is coming to a head. We are all at breaking point and are counting down the days until school starts and the routine gets back to 'normal'. We have dealt with the whinging and complain and we have had enough. How do you teach your children to be thankful for what they have. How do we teach our children that we are serious and have had enough of the shouting and complaining of 'Its not fair'.

Rip the spout off a whale to show them. Actions speak louder then words. In a moment of desperation the spout of whale got ripped off to tell the girls we have had enough and we are the parents, we have control and they will listen. Sounds a bit harsh but it worked and now all we have to say is 'REMEMBER THE WHALE'

Although the whale is Poppy's both girls where in tears when the whale got hurt. Monique through tear stained eyes said'its not a whale any more, its a dolphin', to …

Five Weeks Old

I was going to write about my first four weeks but we have been so busy that I'm a little late. So much has been happening, My Mum and Dad and my sisters have been showering me with love. I really don't need to cry much to get some attention. I have them trained well. At the moment my favourite thing to do is eat, after a slow start Mummy and I now have the hang of it and I'm packing on the weight.
Here's some photos of the first four weeks, enjoy them as I change so much especially now that I'm putting on weight.


Sunny Days - The Arrival

So before I forget in my haze of lack of sleep I want to go back to the 2nd of December and remember the birth of Josephine. It was pretty much like the other kids in regards to how long it was and the pain. Why oh why do we keep going back for more. It is only when that pain hits again that you actually remember what it was like. For me it is usually at this point when I start to beg for pain relief. They reassure me that I'm nearly there and can only give me gas which does nothing but make me want to vomit.

Let me start back on the 1st December when we had an appointment with Prof, I took backup with me I was ready for him to go back on his promise that our goal was to get to 37 weeks. The back up was more to console me when he told me 'Lets just try for another week'. I was so thankful when he said lets do an internal and see where we are at and discuss the plan to bring this baby into the world. Butterflies, tears streaming down my face, this is actually going to happe…

Choir Girl

Monique all year has wanted to join the choir at school but Preppies have not been allowed to join until now. The first week she was late, as I had packed to much lunch for her and she was not allowed in. She came home very upset and told me that the next Tuesday I would have to do better and only pack her a small lunch with no crusts so that she could get there on time. The next Tuesday morning rolled around and she reminded me about the smaller lucnh so that she could make sure she go to choir on time.
She has been remembering and reminding me every Tuesday about her lunch and choir and she take herself off to choir practice at first break, which is at the other end of the school.

A couple of weeks ago she performed at assembly but I missed it not knowing it was her shining moment. I was so sad. This week I made sure I got to assembly just in case she performed again, I slipped in 10 minutes late in which time she didn't perform but got an award for being in the Junior Choir. …

A long distance Christmas

Being away from family this Christmas we didn't want to miss out on sharing the joy of the kids opening their Christmas presents. My parents having been up only weeks before Christmas spoilt the girls and they had a heap of presents to open. Each year it is getting harder to make then understand who has given them what, and for them to get a true understanding of what Christmas is all about when they are swamped with presents for us and family.

So this year we did presents from my parents on Christmas Eve (via Skype) and then presents from Santa on Christmas morning. I love Skype, I wish everyone would jump on board the skype train, it is awesome to be able to keep in touch with my neices and nephews when they are all over the country. The girls love to get on Skype and talk to family which we otherwise wouldn't see. My neices in Tassie have been able to show me their chickens and other fun things around their house thanks to skype and although I haven't seen the Tassie fa…

End of year awards

Monique School Special Award Ceremony - I missed this but Dave and my parents were able to be there to see Monique get the Academic Achievement award for Prep. This award is given to the most academic student in each year and it is decided by all the teacher in that year. There are 4 prep classes so I'm super proud of Monique for achieving this award. I was still in hospital (the first time) when the award ceremony was on. We knew that she would be getting an award but didn't know what she would be getting.