Keeping record

At church we are encouraged to keep record, to journal. Over the last twelve months I have been encouraged by friends and family to blog to keep this record of my family. To be able to look back on and see how far we have come. To see the up and downs and know that it is all part of the journey. It has been wonderful to be able to write, to get the crazies out of my head, to be able to write the story behind a photo.

Today my friends which have encouraged me so much, say good bye to a loved one. It is now that I can see the importance of keeping a family record, so when our memories fade from our minds, when life gets busy and we can't see the happiness through the clouds all we need to do is reflect on our family or personal journal to be reminded of the sunshine that always shines after a storm.

I always have a camera with me and Dave calls me Paparazzi, even he one day will be happy that I have kept a family record. For Christmas this year the girls went shopping with Grandma and Grandpa to buy me a Christmas Present. Monique gave me a photo of herself in a frame. Poppy gave me a journal and a pen. They thought of these gifts themselves, even the girls know the importance of keeping record of our lives and I love they knew I would love these gifts.

I kept a journal after my brother Kai past away and at some time I threw it away. I wish I had it now, not so I could relive the pain but so I could look at the memories which I was reflecting on after his passing. To know the words to the poem that I read at his funeral.
To keep the memories alive forever.....


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