How could you live after the loss of your soul mate

On Thursday night Dave answered the phone, it was late and you know when you get a call late at night it is either bad news or family. Well this was bad news. All I can hear is him saying Lisa's Husband has died. What What are you talking about. I quickly grab the phone it is Chrish.

In October last year I wrote a tribute to the King Family (Lisa, Aaron and their 4 boys) when their son Noah passed away.  I've come to know the King's through Chrish, Lisa is his sister. Lisa and I have spoken via the computer and she is such a lovely person and so supportive of others.  You can read all about The Kings here and how they live and breath family. 

I can not even put into words what has happened so I will use Lisa's
"Friday, 27 January 2012And then there were four

We are home from our holiday down at St Helens early unfortunately because my heart is breaking as Aaron passed away after 9 pm last night. I'm numb and feel physically sick and can't believe it. It looks like he suffered a heart attack. I know his heart was so sad after losing Noah and I'm sure that had something to do with it, but I also know that in many ways he was prepared to go now and has hard as it is to believe, it was his time to go.
My family was with me and thank goodness they were because I needed them last night, more than I've needed anything before. They gave me so much strength and without them there I know it would've been so much worse."

Chrish was in Tassie for holidays and here is his blog about his last day with Aaron one of his best friends.

It is all so tragic, Lisa now faces raising her boys as a single mum, her boys now face dealing with the grief of lossing Noah and their Dad within 3 months. It is all so hard to get your head around how much the lives of this family have changed so much in such a short period of time. How do they keep Aaron's memory alive?

If you would like to help the family in any way please find information here King Family Donations
This has been set up by another blogger and fellow Latter Day Saint. Please share this blog with others and know that this family is very much deserving of any support that can be given.


  1. I'm still not believing it's real. xxx

  2. That was so beautiful Ande. xx I just wish noone was having to write these posts. :(

  3. Thanks Ande for all the calls and always being there. Tell Davey thanks too.


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