Sunny Days - The Arrival

So before I forget in my haze of lack of sleep I want to go back to the 2nd of December and remember the birth of Josephine. It was pretty much like the other kids in regards to how long it was and the pain. Why oh why do we keep going back for more. It is only when that pain hits again that you actually remember what it was like. For me it is usually at this point when I start to beg for pain relief. They reassure me that I'm nearly there and can only give me gas which does nothing but make me want to vomit.

Let me start back on the 1st December when we had an appointment with Prof, I took backup with me I was ready for him to go back on his promise that our goal was to get to 37 weeks. The back up was more to console me when he told me 'Lets just try for another week'. I was so thankful when he said lets do an internal and see where we are at and discuss the plan to bring this baby into the world. Butterflies, tears streaming down my face, this is actually going to happen.

Thankyou body for doing  what you do best and being ready to go. I was 36 weeks & 6 days and 4cm dilated. I hadn't even felt a contraction. Lucky me!!!
Those happy words ' Lets get this baby out', where like the wind had been taken out of me, the relief, this is actually going to happen. As I had been prepared to be told to wait another week I was so excited and then had no idea when the induction would actually happen. Prof rang Delivery and said ' I know you guys are busy over the weekend, can be book it in for this afternoon or tomorrow morning'
This is is going to happen

The induction was started at 9am on Friday 2 December. As my labour are normaly quick being induced was no different. I'm not one of these women that have contractions 20 minutes apart, they start with a bang at 5 minutes apart and just get more and more intense. With Monique, Poppy & Riley I delivered within 3 hr or just over 3 hrs and Josephine was the same.

I won't go into the nitty gritty of the labour because frankly who wants to know and I sure don't want to relive some elements of it. There where however a few things which helped me through this labour and kept the fear of losing her away.
1. Monitors, I was wired up so that she could be monitored. We had a probe on her head and then I also had the things on my tummy, they were not taking any chances

2. Birth Plan, I have always laughed at women that write a birth plan, I think every labour is different and you don't know what you are going to get so just go with the flow and then you won't be disappointed. Now this is just my opinion but these women that harp on about having a disappointing birth experience. I want to say to them "GET REAL, you got a baby at the end of it didn't you". But this time I wrote a birth plan. It included a description of all of our kids, their names and their interests so that the midwifes could distract me if need be.

The most important information that I included was this:
Riley (Boy) born Feb 16, 2010 – still born at 31 weeks due to Feto Maternal Hemorrhage

I presented to the hospital as I had not felt Riley move, I had no other signed of FMH, no pain, no bleeding. I was told he had passed away after an ultrasound and I was left by myself and had to ring David whilst he was driving to tell him the news. I was induced that day and had a 3 hour labour. There is more emotion to this story but this is the most important information you need to know before meeting me. Morphine, water broken, 3 hr labour from time of induction with drip.

Labour Plan:

• Please be aware my history and the emotion of having another baby, the anxiety that I have felt this pregnancy is huge and I will need a lot of reassurance and I will not believe that the baby is going to be Ok until I hold her in my arms.

• I do not want to be left in the room alone.

• We are having a girl, we have called her Sunny throughout the pregnancy as Poppy 4yr old insists that is her name. It is kind of fitting, as it will be very Sunny & happy when we get to hold her and bring her home.

• Please advise if drugs or any other procedures are needed, we will make the decision as they come. I am not anti drugs but would like to try and get through without them.

I don’t want to have to explain my history whilst in labour. I would like there to be an understanding for all that enter the room of my history. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to read this and support us.

I gave this sheet of paper to the midwife when I arrived at delivery and told her that it was very important to me that every person that entered the room read this. I didn't want to have to explain anything if I didn't think I could. The midwife was super supportive and the poor student midwife is sure to never forget her first ever delivery.

3. My Mr Wonderful. Communication is not high on the agenda when you are in labour it usually goes like this 'hold your hand there and don't move it, count but count the way that I'm thinking it in my head not that i have actually communicated that with you but I believe that I have used my powers of mental telepathy.1, 2, 3, 4, ,5, 6, 7, 8,8,9, 10 which each breath, slowly to get me through the whole contraction not  1 - 20 fast what on earth are you thinking'. Some how after four kids he gets me and we get each other and we get through it all together.

Then just before Josephine flew into this world who should walk in for a visit; but Prof, must of heard my screaming, I mean counting. The midwife was very surprised it is not often that the Head of Obstetrics comes for a delivery. It really showed me I was in the best care, all this from a public hospital and me being a public patient. Got to love Australia.

You are in my arms finally, we never want to put you down. This really did happen, you are mine forever, we got through it. The relief, the joy, the knowing that you have been chosen to be part of our family. All so overwhelming.
I look at this picture and can imagine my emotions to be holding Josephine. We don't remember me crying like this once she was delivery but this images tells the emotions and I couldn't blog about her birth without this image. This image is the true emotions of what it is like to deliver a rainbow baby and have the love and joy for a new child but still long for your child with you held so briefly.

Daddy's girl, the happiness for it all to be over.


  1. Absolutely LOVE reading your blog my love. The pure joy of your photos are just soooo stunning, luv Rach (Olden) xoxo

  2. I can't imagine how hard yet wonderful that day must've been. I love the photo of you and Josephine just afterwards- amazing!! The doctor and midwives sound amazing and just what you needed to get you through the day.

  3. The photo of you holding Josephine is absolutley amazing. As a woman who lost her precious son Xavier nearly 12 months ago and half way through her rainbow baby pregnancy, this post and particularly the photo was just awesome. The confusing emotions of carrying another baby after losing the thing you wanted most in the world is so intense. I cant wait for the day I meet my rainbow baby, I wish I could fast forward time. Love to you all. xx

  4. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, and now I know what they mean.
    I am so happy for you Ande.
    Love Lorraine.

  5. Thank you for this blog. That is pretty much how I felt but can not put it in words. I am very happy that Josephine is in your arms ok. Love Miranda

  6. Photo of the year. Congratulations to a wonderful family.

  7. That is a beautiful & natural photo of you & of what you have been through.Take care xxx


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