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What is a sand blow?

For Christmas this year we went to Rainbow Beach for a family holiday. It had been a long twelve months of long work hours, health issues, new baby, kids at school, we were so looking forward to having a break. All we wanted was a week of nothing. Actually most weeks we could wish for a week of nothing. Rainbow beach is about 3 hours from the Gold Coast on the Sunshine Coast. It is beautiful, relaxed and just what we needed if the kids didn't throw tantrums it would have been perfect. Then again a holiday without kids throwing a tantrum does that exist or is that only seen in those lovely Cruise Holiday adverts.
When we got there we saw signs for the Sand blow, we had no idea what a sand blow was and could only imagine a blow hole with water but replace that with sand. We went on a 2km bush walk to experience nature and find this said sand blow. Not more then 200m into the walk did we realise that maybe this wouldn't be as fun as expected. I had forgotten to bring the pouch …