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Catching up

At the start of October I had planned to write about Grief and Life, I wrote headings of posts to prompt me. I had a plan of doing one every few days. Well life keeps going on and I didn't quite get to finish the posts I wanted to in October so there might just be a few more Grief Posts coming when I have time to post about them.

October is easily busier then Christmas in our house, we have birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays. Luckily only two in our immediate family but in our extended family there is over 10 in September and October. So family that have yet to receive a present it is on my list and to those that have got them, score!

Photo Round Up because I can't remember what I have shared before.

I think this was last school holidays, kids day at Surfers Paradise and Movie on the Beach with friends.
By the way how good are my teeth looking, you can't even see my braces in this photo!

Most annoying sound ever - six kids and duck whistles.

My prince charming pushin…