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Long Time between Post

There has been a long time between post and so much has happened in 12 months. Here is a recap:
1. Lost Riley Feb 2010
2. D offered job in QLD March 2010. I say take he says not sure etc etc
3. Poppy turns 3, Yippee May 2010
4. We are still thinking about the job in QLD June 2010
5. We sign up with a bunch of our friends to run the City2Surf for Bears of Hope
6.We accept the job in QLD August 2010
7. We run the City2Surf and raise enough money to purchase over 100 Bears of Hope
8. I assist Bears of Hope with the annual charity ball Sept 2010, over $27,000 was raised on the night
9. Pack the house it is moving time, Oct 2010
10. We had a double party for Monique's birthday and our leaving party. Two parties in one day in rain and a house half packed. No I'm crazy, you don't need to say it.
11. A week after the double party the truck arrives and the 48 hrs later we arrive in QLD.
I think that about sums up it up and brings you all up to date.

Now onto 2011
1. Monique started school
2. I …