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We only have the small moments

When i hear women talk about being pregnant and labour being a bad thing;The pain the sickness, I have to get up and walk away. This is all that we had with Riley and I treasure every second that we had.
After our labour was induced, Dave went home with a list of things which i needed including our camera, PJ's, a blanket for Riley, Music and that is about all. It is amazing that we can include all the things that we might need in labour, lipbalm, a special selection of music, candles etc etc. But in the end all we need is our loved one. Whilst Dave was gone, Mum and Dad sat with me. I would never have considered having them with me whilst I was in labour but they were great to calm me down, talk to me about random stuff and keep reassuring me that all will be OK. It was a lovely experience to have them there with me.
When Dave got back, my parents left and labour really kicked in. As with the girls my labour was quick, such a blessing. Dave tried to put on some music but all that w…