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24 Weeks

This photo was taken last night, so techincally 24 weeks and two days. If that makes a difference!

Holidays Cancelled

Thanks to some little bug we have had to cancel our holidays to Sussex this year. On Sunday I had Poppy vomitting all day and then as soon as she had calmed down David cut his finger on a tin can. It was really gross and we had to spend four hours at hospital waiting for it to be stitched.
As soon as we got home at midnight Monique started vomitting and continued every half hour or so all night. I sat up on the couch waiting for the next cry out. Then at 3am took myself off to bed. I got a nice three hours sleep before the next vomit. People that say that you get to switch off being a mum when they go to bed is so wrong.

We were all fine yesterday and I thought that Dave and I would not get it but now, I have just heard that my sister's family have got it and there was a two day lag between the first four and the next two getting it.

Due to the lack of sleep from Xmas and the the sickness my head is full of cold just another joy of being pregnant. 24 weeks yesterday, starting to get …

Cooking with Poppy

My girls love to cook and a couple of weeks ago Poppy cooked a mean pasta bake. Well I helped a little. I cooked the pasta and the meat, she did everything else. The great thing about getting her to help me was that she ate as she cooked and then also ate the finished product.

It didn't taste to bad is I say so myself.

We are onto our Xmas baking this week and todays job being Rocky Road. So easy and impressive. Tomorrow will be shortbread.

23 weeks tomorrow and I and out of most of my pants, all i want for Xmas is a pair of black shorts from Pumpkin Patch. Please be on sale in the post Christmas sales.

20 weeks

I'm now 20 weeks pregnant and after telling all the immediate family, we are having a BOY it has now sunk in. It is very exciting to be able to give David a boy. Because although the girls try and play football and Monique wants to go fishing I think he secretly longs for a boy to do that stuff with. After we found out David had a grin on his face from ear to ear. Mind you we would have been happy with another girl and as Dave put it; "it would have been much cheaper"
Anyway we are walking away from the hospital and he starts telling me that when bub is 8 he will only be 40 so that is a good age for him to be coaching AFL. This poor child will be ferried around to football, basketball, volleyball, and any other sport Dave can think off. It will definately be a change from the princesses that run this house. Although my bump doesn't look very big, I can feel him kicking around and have just got out of my size 8 pants, well I have to pop the button. Long tops are a must …