20 weeks

I'm now 20 weeks pregnant and after telling all the immediate family, we are having a BOY it has now sunk in. It is very exciting to be able to give David a boy. Because although the girls try and play football and Monique wants to go fishing I think he secretly longs for a boy to do that stuff with. After we found out David had a grin on his face from ear to ear. Mind you we would have been happy with another girl and as Dave put it; "it would have been much cheaper"
Anyway we are walking away from the hospital and he starts telling me that when bub is 8 he will only be 40 so that is a good age for him to be coaching AFL. This poor child will be ferried around to football, basketball, volleyball, and any other sport Dave can think off. It will definately be a change from the princesses that run this house.
Although my bump doesn't look very big, I can feel him kicking around and have just got out of my size 8 pants, well I have to pop the button. Long tops are a must at the moment. I really can't wait until I actually look pregnant. At 5 months you think that i would!


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