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Cake Eating Cousins

How to keep Laura & Poppy busy....


In this house full of princesses the only MAN THING that Dave gets is Football. He follows Adelaide Crows AFL and Penrith Panthers Rugby League but if either of these teams are not on he can be found watching any sport to get his fix. This year we have got Foxtel so that Dave can keep up to date with all his AFL on the new Fox Footy Channel. If I walk out of the room for a second the channel gets changed and there is no hope of it getting changed back. Each year as soon as the season starts I know I take a second seat when the football is on.
I can still talk to Dave when the foootball is on, however I have learnt that if I want him to actually hear me, I should talk to him when the footy isn't on.
Recently Adelaide was playing on the Gold Coast so we all went along to the game, it was the first game for the girls. Even through they didn't really watch they enjoyed the activities that the Gold Coast Suns put on for the kids and the adventure of it all. The backpack full of t…

Add Hairdresser to my list of talents

It is so hard to get to the hairdresses and so expensive. I have got three girls which are going to need their hair trimmed for the next 15 years at least whilst they are living under my roof. In my quest to save a dollar and make my life a little easier I gave Monique her first home hair cut.
Not bad I think I can add Home Hairdresser to my list of talents.

4 Months Old

I'm Four Months and One week old now and loving life in this crazy house full of girls.  I'm still in the feed play sleep mode. I love to feed and if Mummy lets me I will try and sneak an extra one. This milk she gives me is fantastic, I even have little rolls on my legs.

The big news from me this month is I have just learnt to roll over, it is a pretty neat trick and in the last 24 hrs I think I have got quite good at it. Last night I woke up at 1am to have some of that yummy milk and show Mummy how good I am at this new trick. Now to just stop my sisters from touching me whilst I'm practicing.

Mum is still not driving, we don't go in the car often so I let Daddy know when he is driving that I don't like it very much. I prefer the pram so I can have a snooze and feel the wind in my hair or in the pouch so I can look around.

Until next month Josephine

Little Athletics

We decided in September last years that we would become the proactive parents that take their kids to after school sports. We already do swimming (which is so important living so close to the coast), some how we came up with Little Athletic's as our choice.

Now I come from a long line of unsporty, unco-ordinated people and David thinks himself as a bit of a sportsman. My genes must be really strong is all I can say. There were a few nights when I couldn't go to Little Athletics and David would walk in the door after witnessing our princesses run with his head hung in shame. Monique would skip along, not a care in the world that the other 6 kids in her race had finished and she was still at the starting line.  Slowly we saw improvement and then there was the night of VICTORY.

It began like any other night, Poppy running around and enjoying herself in Tiny Tots, Josephine in the pouch and then it all happened. Monique was on the starting line and bang she was off, she rounded …