4 Months Old

I'm Four Months and One week old now and loving life in this crazy house full of girls.  I'm still in the feed play sleep mode. I love to feed and if Mummy lets me I will try and sneak an extra one. This milk she gives me is fantastic, I even have little rolls on my legs.

The big news from me this month is I have just learnt to roll over, it is a pretty neat trick and in the last 24 hrs I think I have got quite good at it. Last night I woke up at 1am to have some of that yummy milk and show Mummy how good I am at this new trick. Now to just stop my sisters from touching me whilst I'm practicing.

Mum is still not driving, we don't go in the car often so I let Daddy know when he is driving that I don't like it very much. I prefer the pram so I can have a snooze and feel the wind in my hair or in the pouch so I can look around.

Have a look at my earrings that Poppy stuck on me when I was in the car

Until next month


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