In this house full of princesses the only MAN THING that Dave gets is Football. He follows Adelaide Crows AFL and Penrith Panthers Rugby League but if either of these teams are not on he can be found watching any sport to get his fix. This year we have got Foxtel so that Dave can keep up to date with all his AFL on the new Fox Footy Channel. If I walk out of the room for a second the channel gets changed and there is no hope of it getting changed back. Each year as soon as the season starts I know I take a second seat when the football is on.

I can still talk to Dave when the foootball is on, however I have learnt that if I want him to actually hear me, I should talk to him when the footy isn't on.

Recently Adelaide was playing on the Gold Coast so we all went along to the game, it was the first game for the girls. Even through they didn't really watch they enjoyed the activities that the Gold Coast Suns put on for the kids and the adventure of it all. The backpack full of treats also helped keep them interested.
On the train on the way to the game

Dave didn't think taking a trip to the football was a photo taking opportunity

Josephine and I thought otherwise 
Monique has been brainwashed to go for Adelaide, she's had that top since she was two, it now fits.

Brainwashed Adelaide supporter not caring that she is surrounded by Gold Coast Suns Fans.


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