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Sunny Days - It comes in Waves

The panic comes in waves of 'yes I can deal with this", to "please just get me through the next hour, to the end of the day, until Monday'. Monday marks another ultrasound for us and when it should be exciting all I feel is panic, fear that I'm going to have to live through the nightmare again.
For the last week I have kept as busy as can be, maybe too busy but the tactic of distraction is wonderful with keeping my mind away from being consumed by the monster of fear. It is in the still of night when I can't sleep that the wave gets bigger and bigger and I find myself in bed willing Sunny to move, for her to tell me that she is OK and it is all going to be alright.

Like a mantra Dave tells me often it is all going to be OK that we are going to get to bring Sunny home. Sometimes I can see this and I can pitcure giving birth again but some days when the anxiety is high all I want is to be able to get to the ultrasound and see a healthy baby kicking around in the…

Sunny Days

Today I feel strong enough to share a little bit more about me or should I say our family. As I read back through my posts I see the joy and the pain that writing my blog & about Riley has brought to my life, it has been a wonderful way for me to remember all the special little moment in my life and to also share it with others.  It has been great to see my life evolve and the change to our life that our move to QLD has also brought.

Lets be honest if I wanted to just keep this all to myself I could, but anyone that knows me knows that I like to share. So today I want to share that I'm pregnant again and I know that for most this would be a wow that is wonderful, are you going to find out what you are having, when are you due etc etc all the question that are normally asked but along with being pregnant again also brings the story of how we got here and the journey that we have to travel to get to the end.

Pushing it out abit at 17 weeks This is not my 1st pregnancy, 2nd, 3rd or…

This is Me

Looking back to 2009 I see why I started to blog was to document my life. My blog has kind of been an activity journal for the kids and I. So I want to take it back to being a document of my life and all areas of my life. I definately have blogged more this year thanks to a challenge set but a friend and to be honest I have enjoyed it. It gets my thoughts down on paper and out into the world.
There is not much about me as a person on this blog so here is a quick
Top 10 about Ande:
1. I love my family (as if this is not clear)
2. I'm scared of spiders and once called a friend to come over and kill one
3. I drive a little car when we have a bigger car for a couple of reasons but secretly I like to drive it because it is easier to park.
4. I buy chocolate and lollies and hide them from my family so I don't have to share
5. I love naps
6. My hair is 60% grey, I often part my hair different way to get more weeks out of a colour. I have been dying my hair since I was 14.
7. I'd love to …

Another Theme Park

Our VIP Passes for Seaworld, WetnWild and Movie World have run out so we have bought the Dreamworld ones for a bit of a change. Last week on the last day of school holidays we took ourselves to explore whilst Dave was at work. Boohoo to him.
First Ride
Wiggle World
Girls Favourite Ride, they went on about 5 times

The best man in the world

Last night I found out that my darling husband has actually been reading my blog. His only comment on the blog was there is nothing about me (Him). So this post is to the best man in the world and all that he does for our family.
The blue eyes I fell in love with 15 years ago. The worry lines which 15 years has created.

Bread and Baby

I took this photo recently of Aunty Liz, my Brother in law Gary and his son Harrison. I didn't realise it at the time until I put all the photos on the computer but this happy photo of Aunt, Nephew and Great Nephew is also in true Gary style. Please note Gary holding the bread like a baby! Good One Gaz!!!

Put your Wii Face On

A little bit of Wii competition brings out the super competitive streak in Monique. Some of her winning reactions.

The Winning Dance

Poppy realising she is not the winner and needs to put her game face on.

Big Eyes and Lots of Photos

While in Sydney last week I got to take some photos of my neice Cherinda. She is my brother Lawson and sister in law Amy's daughter. She has grown so much since we left. Family members had said to me that she might cry when she saw me as she does with them and there was pretty much no chance of a cuddle. You can see by these photos that there was not a tear in sight. I took a heap of photos, here a just a few.

Our last day at Seaworld

When we moved to QLD we bought VIP Passes to Seaworld, WetnWild and Movie World. These passes have been fantastic, we have used them so much. I have lost count how many times we have gone to these theme parks. Being so close to the theme parks allowed us to pop down of an afternoon after school for a swim in the wave pool at WetnWild or for the kids to go on a few rides at Movie World. On the down side the girls are so use to going to the theme parks is not that big a treat anymore and more like going to our local park. On the last day before our passes ran out and we jetted off to Sydney for holidays I took the girls to Seaworld to hang out with my cousins kids. It was pretty busy but loved watching the girls at the Seal Show and at the touch and feel section.



New Niece and Nephew

Baby Harrison is the first child of my brother in law Gary and sister in law Crystal. He was born 10 days over due and is such a cutie. These photos where taken when he was one week old. He looks much older and wiser then his age. A big congratulations to his Mum and Dad as they are sure to be wonderful parents.

Baby Marina is the second child of my brother in law Craig and sister in law Irina, Marina joins her beautiful big sister Chloe who in the last 8 months of us living away from them has grown so much and even more beautiful. My two princesses call Marina a 'Cutie Patootie', she is so petite and such a girl. It was so lovely to go to Sydney and witness the babies being blessed and loved that Marina was blessed with good humour to be able to deal with any of lifes challenges and see the positive side of life.