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Weekend in Sydney

What a whirlwind weekend in Sydney. I felt like I was running from one thing to the next to make sure I could fit it all in.
Friday included:
1. Shopping for new jeans
2. Spending time with my Sister (and my very funny nephew)
3. A Bears of Hope Ball Commitee meeting.
By this point I was running late.
4. Dinner with the Mother Group girls
By this point I was so late it was not funny. We had a lovely dinner and I was very surprised to get home with the clock telling me that Saturday had already started. (Yes they are my new jeans)

Saturday was much more relaxed with a morning at Glenbrook Markets. Or should I say should have been more relaxing. Whilst at Glenbrook markets 'Lib' got her wallet stolen by a pick pocket. Actually she was a dyed blond, mid to late 30 yr old women with a 6 yr old girl. Long story but we know it was her and confronted her, as you do. Nothing came of our confrontation and we ended at the cop shop to report the sneaky thief.
Lib I told you it would be blogged…

Counting down the days

In two days I will be heading off to Sydney to see Family and Friends for 2 and 1/2 days, I can't wait. This will be the first time ever that I have been away from the girls and Dave. I'm sure I will find something to do like sleep in. Note to self turn off phone, I hate it when you actually get to have a sleep in or a nanna nap and you get woken by a phone call.

I'm excited to be seeing friends which I haven't seen for six months and am so looking forward to the long chats and equally long dinners. 

I wish my darling husband luck for this double drop off day and swimming lessons on Friday.

Poppy's Birthday

So I had to share Mothers day with Princess Poppy. It was a lovely day to share and she was not fussed at all that she had to give me a present before she got hers. In our house you get to choose what you want to do all birthday weekend. Miss P picked Movieworld.

 All Poppy wanted for her birthday was a Jessie Doll from Toy Story. Through much searching I found one and thought that it would complete her collection as she already has Buzz and Woody but no as soon as she opened it she asked 'Where is Bullseye?'
 What does a 4 yr old want for her special birthday dinner, Sausages and vegies.
 This is Poppy on the phone to my parents after she had just opened the Dollshouse that they gave to her. She actually got on the phone and the first thing she said was Thankyou. I was most impressed!
 The Dolls House I won on ebay, brand new for only $57 including postage, I had seen the same one being sold on ebay for $130, Bargin

Mothers Day

As mothers day this year fell on Princess Poppy's birthday I didn't ask for presents but just what the kids got at school and preschool.
From Monique
When I asked her why she picked this one,she told me that she thought I would like it and it was a rock from Riley too. Some mums may find this a strange gift but i thought this was really sweet. The girls collect rocks for Riley, we have some that have travelled from Sydney with us. To have a little rock with Hope on it is so sweet to me and I'm so happy with my mothers day gift from Monique.
From Poppy, she made a heart at preschool and got her teacher to write what she loves about me. I love to cook almost as much as Poppy loves to eat. Usually when asked what she loves most about mum she will reply with 'she is the best cooker'. My heart is filled with such joy.
I love being a mum

Adventure Drive

Sometimes we just drive to see what we can find. This is one of the bonuses of having a lease car and having to make sure you do the kilometres. When we lived in Sydney we had no problem doing the km's but in QLD we live much closer to Dave's work so it is long drives to find new things on the agenda for many a weekend.

We headed down the coast to Fingal Bay (I think this is what it is called), just over the boarder. Here are some photos taken at dusk.

Bears of Hope

On February 2010 we lost our son Riley and it has been great comfort to receive the support from so many wonderful women that have been through it all. I want to pay tribute to the wonderful mums at Bears of Hope, it is a charity that supports families which have lost a child in pregnancy, infancy and miscarriage.

12 months ago I took myself along to my first Bears of Hope Support nights. I was so worried as I drove there, what is is going to be like, what am I meant to say. Is it going to be like some of the support groups you see on TV where you are seated in a circle and have to share your story with everyone. When I arrived it was welcoming, those that I have spoken to on the Bears of Hope forum where there ready to give me a hug and tell me it does get easier with time...

When we moved to QLD I know I would miss this wonderful network of women and my work with Bears of Hope. Distance has not changed the passion I have for this charity and luckily technology means that I'm still…

Peter Pan

Last Monday was a public holiday in Qld and we spent the day with my brother in law (John) and sister in law (Kate).  After a day at the beach John wanted to go to the skate park. We tagged along and got some photos of John or should I call him Peter Pan. He was the oldest at the skate park by about 18 yrs and also the only one on a skate board.

Here are some photo's of the action