Bears of Hope

On February 2010 we lost our son Riley and it has been great comfort to receive the support from so many wonderful women that have been through it all. I want to pay tribute to the wonderful mums at Bears of Hope, it is a charity that supports families which have lost a child in pregnancy, infancy and miscarriage.

12 months ago I took myself along to my first Bears of Hope Support nights. I was so worried as I drove there, what is is going to be like, what am I meant to say. Is it going to be like some of the support groups you see on TV where you are seated in a circle and have to share your story with everyone. When I arrived it was welcoming, those that I have spoken to on the Bears of Hope forum where there ready to give me a hug and tell me it does get easier with time...

When we moved to QLD I know I would miss this wonderful network of women and my work with Bears of Hope. Distance has not changed the passion I have for this charity and luckily technology means that I'm still able to give back to a charity that gave me so much when my days seemed dark.

A month ago I rang a support group in QLD knowing I needed help and missing Bears of Hope so much. It was so sad to hear the support group Bonnie Babes was closing down and the service and support would no longer be available to greiving families. My desperate phone call turned into me sharing Bears of Hope with Debbie* and she shared her desire to start a charity in QLD that will do the very thing that Bears of Hope have been doing in NSW. As a result of this phone call and continued communication with Bears of Hope this wonderful charity will now be available to Gold Coast families. Thank you Debbie and Bears of Hope.

It is wonderful when you start a chain re-action and see only rainbows in the future.
Want to know more about Bears of Hope or need their support Bears of Hope Infant and Pregnacy Loss Support


  1. What a wonderful thing Ande. It is great to know that Bears of Hope can now touch the lives of families through support groups on the Gold Coast. Well Done.

  2. i love this photo Ande. xoxoxoxox and congratulations what a wonderful outcome :)

  3. such a wonderful photograph my darling friend xx
    and such great things you have done xx
    i love you so much xx


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