Josephine Adelaide Arrives

I have finally found some time to post, last friday we welcomed the arrival of Josephine Adelaide, you might know her as 'Sunny'.
Weight 3095
Date of Birth 2/12/2011
Length: 50cm
She is so lovely and we are so glad to have her with us finally. What a long road. As I have time I will continue to write about my girls and what it was like to be 37 weeks pregnant and then to actually deliver her and bring her home. The anticpation and emotions are something which I don't want to ever forget.

Here are some Pictures of our beautiful girl.


  1. she's very cute and lucky to come to your family. can't wait for a hold. welcome Josephine, your going to be much loved.

  2. She is so beautiful, and you look amazing Ande!! Congratulations, so happy for you all. xx

  3. Oh she is soooo beautiful!! i'm SO happy for you all to know she is here and is safe and well. I bet you are thinking about Riley even more since she's arrived and hope that having her in your arms is bringing you lots of comfort and joy.

  4. oh my Ande, i have tears of joy for you all, this is so amazing and i am so pleased to have journeyed with you over all this. You are truly a beautiful mother and all i can say is congratulations and a job well done. May Josephine bring much happiness and joy to your lives.
    Wendy Anderson

  5. wow congratualtions! she is so lovely - you look fantasic and all so happy!

  6. I too have tears in my eyes all joy. She was born on the same day as my cousins son James Grima. I'm so happy. for u all.

  7. I am so very happy for your whole family.
    Josephine is just gorgeous, and you look great.
    I bet Riley is smiling down on you all.
    A huge congratulaions to you all and your 'sunny' girl.
    Love Lorraine.

  8. Congratulations on the safe arrival of Josephine Adelaide, Ande, you are a truely an inspirational woman,wife, & mother. Love Leanne

  9. congratulaions how beautiful..i will pass on to naomie she doesnt do facebook any more...and i just had a browse and so glad i did... wishing you all the happiness in the world
    love to see your smiling face
    love wendie and family xxxxxx

  10. Congratulations Ande, Dave, Monique and Poppy...vey happy to hear of the safe of "Sunny" Josephine. That was my Mum's name so I'm so glad your little girl has it now. Keep smiling and our love to you all. Sue and Joe Bradley. xxxxx

  11. congratulations to you all... my goodness what a beautiful girl :)
    i am so happy for you and miss the heck out of you ande, i wish i could give you a massive hug!
    what a wonderful christmas you all will have together! enjoy xxx
    love you always
    naomie xx

  12. The BEST news EVER!!! Congrats to all of you. xxxxxx

  13. OH MY GOSH Ande, I just saw this and I cried. I am so so happy for you all. Congratulations... She is beautiful and so so lucky to be born into your loving family.

    Thank you for sharing everything with us all :o)

    It has been an emotional read for me


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