What a busy few weeks - Poppy's end of years events

Over the last two weeks we have had so much on. The end of the school year is jammed packed with activities and award ceremonies. My parents have been for a visit, we had a baby, Christmas parties and preschool graduations. In the week that we had Josephine there was an activity on every day, other then the day that she was born, then this following week has not been much better.

Poppy Preschool Disco
Poppy at a cat

Monique as a beautiful garden

Preschool Christmas Concert and Graduation
First stop was a visit to Santa.

Some singing from the kiddlets, Poppy front and centre of course singing her heart out.

Poppy's teachers Miss Mel

Miss Kerri

Miss Sally

Very proud of Poppy, she has grown so much this year and has really enjoyed going to Preschool. Not long now and she will be in Prep.

Rie & Mikie always seem to time their visits when we have school activities on. They have not missed any school activity this year which is amazing as we live in another state. Poppy was so excited to be able to have them here and show them her preschool and be able to take them to her graduation.

Poppy Swimming Lessons
Yippee Poppy has finally moved up to level 4 swimming, some kids can move up quite quickly but Poppy likes to take her time. When she is nearly to the next level she then gets bored and stops trying so she stays down a level for even longer. Lucky for us we have found a teacher which believes in Poppy and knows what she is up to, there is no pulling the wool over her eyes. We have tried many teachers and Poppy tries the cute factor, for most teachers this works for a few weeks, not with her teacher that she has now had for the last 10 months, no messing around, no cute factor, Just results...


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