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Organised Kaos

I would like to be organised, I would like each day to have a plan and my house to always be clean. I would like to have freshly baked goodies for my kids as they come in from school. All those nice things that are warm and comforting and that "New Age Stay at Home Mums Do".

Reality is vastly different to this, I don't spend my day doing ladies lunches and being so organised at home that I can sit and blog about my day. At the moment I'm operating on Organised Kaos mode, this mode also includes 'You will eat your dinner, lunch, breakfast or you will have nothing mode', 'you will vacuum the hair up in the bathroom that you shaved off your head mode' (it has been a week, I'm refusing to even walk in there) and 'get in the car and put your seat beat on or I will drive off mode'.

I remember walking into my bedroom as a kid and seeing the mess and not seeing the floor and thinking where do I start. In that case my parents would normally find m…