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My Dear Josephine

My dear Josephine,

My darling girl you have brought so much joy into our lives, how can you be one already. The last 12 months has seen joy and trials and all I can think is this time last year you had just been born and were in special care. I was desperate to get you home. All the nurses were fussing about making sure that I was OK but I knew that as long as I got to take you out the doors of the hospital I would be OK. You would be OK and everything in my world would be perfect for a moment in time that I will never forget.

After a few days in special care I was told that you would be allowed home, it was music to my ears. You had to be in for another 24 hrs and I counted down every second. When it came time for the nurses to do the final checks, you had lost weight and there was a discussion about keeping you in longer. The nurses could see how much I needed to have tyou with me and trusted that I would be able to look after you and all would be fine. I think I danced out of the …