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Things I'm grateful for

Christmas being only two sleeps away I want to reflect on the many things which I'm grateful for.

I'm grateful for my children, that I have been blessed with four children which make me the mother and woman that I am. Without my kids I wouldn't be who I am and my life would be so different I can't even imagine what it would be like. Even when things seem tough all I have to do is look at my kids and know how lucky I am.

I'm grateful for my husband that does everything to make my life easy, to provide for us as a family and gives me the opportunity to spend my time doing what I love the most. Dave supports my decisions to work for a charity, he supports me when I spend more then my budget, he support my parenting  and he makes me laugh when he laughs at his own jokes. We have been together 15 years and I look forward to being old and looking back on our life together.

I'm grateful to my parents which always want the best for me and as much as it pains them that…

I haven't been bashed

Last week I posted about how busy it has been here with three princesses, well it just got a whole lot busier. Last Thursday Josephine had to be weighed and sadly she had lost lots of weight and we had to go to the hospital to be admitted to get some help with feeding. She had lost so much weight that she had to have a NG Tube to get the fluid into her.
This might seem like enough but then to add to the story after waiting around for hours in Emergency we were admitted to the children's ward. We were there all of one minute when the nurse walked out of the room to get me a breast pump and I had a seizure. They walked back in to find me on the floor having a fit. The last time I had a seizure was 2006 after having surgery and before that the first time was in 2000. Thankfully I had put Josephine down in her cot, I don't even want to think about what I would have done to her if I was holding her at the time. As I was fitting I was hitting my face on the floor and as a result now…

What a busy few weeks - Poppy's end of years events

Over the last two weeks we have had so much on. The end of the school year is jammed packed with activities and award ceremonies. My parents have been for a visit, we had a baby, Christmas parties and preschool graduations. In the week that we had Josephine there was an activity on every day, other then the day that she was born, then this following week has not been much better.

Poppy Preschool Disco Poppy at a cat
Monique as a beautiful garden
Preschool Christmas Concert and Graduation First stop was a visit to Santa.
Some singing from the kiddlets, Poppy front and centre of course singing her heart out.
Poppy's teachers Miss Mel
Miss Kerri
Miss Sally
Very proud of Poppy, she has grown so much this year and has really enjoyed going to Preschool. Not long now and she will be in Prep.
Rie & Mikie always seem to time their visits when we have school activities on. They have not missed any school activity this year which is amazing as we live in another state. Poppy was so excited to be …

Sunny Days - 37 weeks so close I can almost reach it.

Written on Friday between 12.30am - 1am

At the clock has ticked over to midnight on the 2nd of December I know today is the day that you will be born. I know that if we work together we will be able to get through this labour and I will feel the joy once again of seeing my precious baby being placed in my arms. I look forward to seeing the look of amazment on your Daddy's face, the only way to describe it is "Oh My Wife is the most amazing person ever", not sure he would explain it this way but that is the way that I feel when he looks at me after giving birth.

We went and saw the Prof today and he very kindly could see that getting to 37 weeks was pretty amazing and I have been under enormous stress. The last couple of weeks have been very hard knowing we are just so close but it all seemed so far away. Even know as I sit here in labour and type this out to I feel excited but torn about going to the hospital and getting this all started. At our appointment today Prof di…

Josephine Adelaide Arrives

I have finally found some time to post, last friday we welcomed the arrival of Josephine Adelaide, you might know her as 'Sunny'.
Weight 3095
Date of Birth 2/12/2011
Length: 50cm
She is so lovely and we are so glad to have her with us finally. What a long road. As I have time I will continue to write about my girls and what it was like to be 37 weeks pregnant and then to actually deliver her and bring her home. The anticpation and emotions are something which I don't want to ever forget.

Here are some Pictures of our beautiful girl.