I haven't been bashed

Last week I posted about how busy it has been here with three princesses, well it just got a whole lot busier. Last Thursday Josephine had to be weighed and sadly she had lost lots of weight and we had to go to the hospital to be admitted to get some help with feeding. She had lost so much weight that she had to have a NG Tube to get the fluid into her.

This might seem like enough but then to add to the story after waiting around for hours in Emergency we were admitted to the children's ward. We were there all of one minute when the nurse walked out of the room to get me a breast pump and I had a seizure. They walked back in to find me on the floor having a fit. The last time I had a seizure was 2006 after having surgery and before that the first time was in 2000. Thankfully I had put Josephine down in her cot, I don't even want to think about what I would have done to her if I was holding her at the time. As I was fitting I was hitting my face on the floor and as a result now have two black eyes and a large lump on my forehead. It looks like I have been bashed. I was pretty much out of it until Saturday morning and now I can slowly piece the pieces together with large amounts still missing. On the friday I couldn't remember more then 15 minutes prior and was very confused.

Photo taken today 7 days later.

So for me it is back onto epilepsy medication which I haven't been on for the last 8 years and no driving for at least the next 3 months. This is going to be tough, not even being able to pick the kids up from school if it is raining or just duck to the shops to pick up a few things. I'm going to be pretty much home bound unless Dave can drive me somewhere.

For Josephine it is 3 hourly feeds of a combination of my expressed breast milk and formula until she get nice and fat and my milk comes in more. I have a cocktail of medication to get my milk going and I have to pump every two to three hours. Lucky I can't go anywhere, me and my pump are best friends now and will be for a long time.

So if you see me please know this was not a result of Dave giving me a back hand. Dave has been so wonderful, I feel for him having to try and juggle work, girls, me and Josephine. It just makes me love Dave even more when he does everything to make our life easier.


  1. oh boy! I'm so sorry this has happened. Iknow how much you just wanted to have your little girl and enjoy her, and I know you are, but this doesn't make it much fun at all. Hope your milk comes in really well soon and hope the meds help you with your seizures and you have no more. Hang in there and enjoy your little girl. xxx

  2. When I saw the post heading, I was like, "what the heck"?? I really hope your milk comes in soon and Josephine gets nice and chubby for you. It must have been scary having a seizure. Thankgoodness you were already in the hospital and not doing anything potentially dangerous.


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