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Photos for School

I was asked to take some photos for Monique's school uniform shop. Not because they have seen my photography but because I have a good camera. I'm hoping that they are happy with the photos and next time I get asked is because I'm a good photographer not just because I'm the mum that was willing to give up half a day to take photos( or has sucker stuck to my fore head).  Monique was one of my models so here are the photos I took of her. Please note these have not been edited.

What does your wife do during the day?

Our next door neighbour a couple of weeks ago asked Dave. So what does Ande do during the day?
Firstly what a strange question to ask and secondly haven't you seen that have a 4 yr old still at home with me. This has left me pondering what do I do during the day. Well on the days I have Poppy (she is in preschool two days a week) this is my average day:
Get breakfast for kids
Clean the kitchen
Sweep the floor
Pack lunch for school
Get the kids dressed and yell at them to get out of the door
Take them to school
Go to the shops to pick something up that I have usually forgetten to buy in the big grocery shop
Take Poppy to swimming lessons
Clean kitchen again
Feed Kid
clean up mess again
load of washing
vac the house
washing out
think what is for dinner
Bears of Hope work
Quick dash to get Monique from school
Take kids to park
Feed them
Feed them again
Cook dinner
Feed family
Clean up again
Bath the kids
Get them into bed
Read stories to each of them and get them to sleep.

Wise Words from Miss M

Miss M has come up with some very wise words this week.

1. Yelling makes you a Witch
Whilst doing the normal get ready for school, eat your breakfast, get your socks on, get your school bag. Hurry Hurry we are late. Does anyone here hear me?  Or as my children call it yelling at them. Miss M observed as we were sitting in the school carpark that 'Mum you better stop yelling or all the kids at school with think that you are a WITCH'.

Well I suppose I do look like a witch when I yell so note taken, no more yelling well at least not for today.

2. Groups at School
Students in Miss M's class have been pulled into groups to do extra work to help them in phonics, speach etc etc but Miss M has not been doing any of this as she doesn't have a problem and is at the top of her class (I Know this because I'm the best mum or witch around). Today she didn't want to get ready for school , when I asked her why she said because she never gets to go in the special groups. Reassuring …

Red Award Day

Princess M has been waiting all year to be able to get a RED AWARD from school. A few weeks back when Monique had not yet received the Red Award she was very upset and I had to explain to her that if she tries really hard she will get it.  The Red Award is given at assembly by the principal. Monique really wanted to get the award not because she wanted the praise but because she wanted to be able to stand up in front of everyone at assembly.
Last week was her week, that was until it rained and assembly got cancelled.

This week was her week along with all the kids from last week and this week. She was so excited and just about to burst with joy.