Wise Words from Miss M

Miss M has come up with some very wise words this week.

1. Yelling makes you a Witch
Whilst doing the normal get ready for school, eat your breakfast, get your socks on, get your school bag. Hurry Hurry we are late. Does anyone here hear me?  Or as my children call it yelling at them. Miss M observed as we were sitting in the school carpark that 'Mum you better stop yelling or all the kids at school with think that you are a WITCH'.

Well I suppose I do look like a witch when I yell so note taken, no more yelling well at least not for today.

2. Groups at School
Students in Miss M's class have been pulled into groups to do extra work to help them in phonics, speach etc etc but Miss M has not been doing any of this as she doesn't have a problem and is at the top of her class (I Know this because I'm the best mum or witch around). Today she didn't want to get ready for school , when I asked her why she said because she never gets to go in the special groups. Reassuring her I told her I would speak to her teacher.  I spoke to her Teacher this morning and she is so sweet she said she had thought about that and wondered if Monique felt left out. So today she is going to make some special group for Monique.

Oh the worries of a smart child.....

How did she go from this

To This


  1. ha ha! At least she called you a witch with a W and not something else :)

  2. Ha HA, I was thinking exactly the same as Lisa. The reason that she got from being a baby to a young little lady is because her Mum is a witch, and there should be more witches around.
    Love Lorraine.


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