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Six months

Six months how you fly by. Where has my baby gone, Miss Josephine you are getting so much bigger now and I just want to stop you growing anymore. I want to be able to capture this moment in time when everything is good and happy and lovely and all together awesome.

This last month has brought a few milestones which has just sent me into a spin. Josephine has moved to her own room, still in the bassinet but in her own room all by herself. I can't stand to have her door closed, I find myself running up the stairs to just check on her one more time. The what if's take control 'What if she pulled the blanket over her face, What if she stopped breathing and I didn't know', 'What if this awesomeness of life right now gets taken away..' I know this is my defence and I try as I might to let my guard down but it is still there.

Josephine is such a lovely baby, she sleeps, she laughs, she loves her sisters so much. There is a special bond between Poppy nad Josephine…

On the Road Again

On the road again just can't wait to get on the road again.
Woop Woop I have my license. The world is my oyster, I have all the freedom one could desire. Life is good. So so happy that my family can now get back on track and we can find a normal finally. It has been so long since normal lived in our house. Now I will lay out the welcome mat and usher NORMAL in.

Normal means
not living in griefnot being ruled by fear of a pregnancy endingnot having a sick babynot having a seizure and smashing my facenot being restricted by 2km walking distancebeing able to do my own shoppingbeing able to get the kids to school when it is raining and not having them saturated by the time we get thereDavid being able to do things on the weekend without me and the kids tagging alongbeing able to get my eyebrows done at a place that does a good job and only charges $10 instead of $25
Most of all getting my license back means, that I'm no longer the burden on my family that I have been for so long.

Super Powers & a Little Hope

Yet another morning of mad rush to get the girls out the door today. Last night I said I'm going to be more organised. I'll make their lunches at night, I will have library bags, homework and home readers all checked off and packed in bags. Today I will be super organised mum (imagine a flying red cape and me zooming around the house).

I almost cheered when we got out of the house early then I noticed the heavy rain; "Girls back in the house it is raining, raincoats please". Still not late, this is good I'm still on time. Now to find my umbrella and head out the door but what do I see from my front door? Miss Monique jumping in puddles in her sneakers. I yell at her "Do you have gumboots on", NO, "Are your a duck", NO "Are your feet wet" Yes. Oh well to bad lets just get to school, your feet are sure to get wet on our walk to school anyway.

Still feeling kind of pleased with myself that I'm still on time we start walking down the…