Six months

Six months how you fly by. Where has my baby gone, Miss Josephine you are getting so much bigger now and I just want to stop you growing anymore. I want to be able to capture this moment in time when everything is good and happy and lovely and all together awesome.

This last month has brought a few milestones which has just sent me into a spin. Josephine has moved to her own room, still in the bassinet but in her own room all by herself. I can't stand to have her door closed, I find myself running up the stairs to just check on her one more time. The what if's take control 'What if she pulled the blanket over her face, What if she stopped breathing and I didn't know', 'What if this awesomeness of life right now gets taken away..' I know this is my defence and I try as I might to let my guard down but it is still there.

Josephine is such a lovely baby, she sleeps, she laughs, she loves her sisters so much. There is a special bond between Poppy nad Josephine. It can be so annoying at times that Poppy has to hold her or wants to carry her around but then you get the glimse of the bond. When Poppy is busy doing something else and Josephine tries to get Poppy's attention, knowing that she will do something funny to make her laugh. I have worried about the big gap between Poppy and Josephine and have wondered is it going to be to big for them to have a friendship and a close sisterly bond. Then I see them together and know that there is such a special bond between these two that the age gap doesn't matter.


  1. Look at those beautiful eyes, she is so gorgeous. Don't they just grow up too fast.


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