On the Road Again

On the road again just can't wait to get on the road again.

Woop Woop I have my license. The world is my oyster, I have all the freedom one could desire. Life is good. So so happy that my family can now get back on track and we can find a normal finally. It has been so long since normal lived in our house. Now I will lay out the welcome mat and usher NORMAL in.

Normal means
  • not living in grief
  • not being ruled by fear of a pregnancy ending
  • not having a sick baby
  • not having a seizure and smashing my face
  • not being restricted by 2km walking distance
  • being able to do my own shopping
  • being able to get the kids to school when it is raining and not having them saturated by the time we get there
  • David being able to do things on the weekend without me and the kids tagging along
  • being able to get my eyebrows done at a place that does a good job and only charges $10 instead of $25

Most of all getting my license back means, that I'm no longer the burden on my family that I have been for so long.


  1. you wouldn't have been a burden I am sure, you are an amazing girl xxxx

  2. That is really awesome .... it's difficult when you have been able to drive and then you can't. Happy driving.

  3. Awesome news Ande! So glad to hear this :)

    1. Jane after reading your blog this last week I have nothing to complain about. My thoughts have been with you darling lady and beautiful Mumma.

  4. Speaking a a wife who is 'burdened' by her husband, when you are married to an amazing person you would fly to the moon and back for them. Sometimes the illness is an inconvenience but we'd rather be inconvenienced and still have you to hold at night. I'm sure Dave feels similarly. Great to hear normal does return, it's still quite illusive to us, looking forward to it.

    1. You are so sweet, you have really made me look at life and what you guys have had to endure has made me realise how very blessed we are.


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