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Book Week

I remember Book Week when I was a kid, each year mum would make us all new costumes. Some of my favourites where Raggedy Ann, A Princess with a cone hat and a long veil, it was the most beautiful thing I had (I was 6), and dressing in one of my Dad’s old suits with a pillow stuffed down my pants. I’m not sure who I was going as, maybe I was going as Dad.

Last year when we had book week; I whipped out my very old sewing machine and made Monique a Fancy Nancy costume. This year I had two kids to do, the pressure to live up to standards I had been brought up with to excel in the Book Parade, how my Mum did it with five kids I don’t know. We had a brainstorming session and Poppy decided that she wanted to go as Snow White. Easy my Mum had already made that costume so I just had to grab it out of the dress up box. Monique wanted to go as a Chinese girl. Another lucky choice as my Mum had made a dress for me when I was 19, amazingly it fit Monique. Seems like my Mum is still excelling at Bo…

8 Months and a bit, actually 9 months

What a slack mother I have been, no 8 month update from Josephine. I have a valid excuse I'm sure.....

Here are some pictures from the adorable Josephine at 8 & 9 months.

Over the last few months Josephine has become more steady at sitting and loves to stand holding onto my hands. She is still very much a mummy's girl and loves to cry to get attention. Sometimes she will say Bub Bub but as yet no Mumma or Dada. Since being able to sit she doesn't want to be on her tummy any more which is making learning to crawl difficult. Josephine will sit on her bottom and twist and move to get around, then roll and cry until one of us picks her up and puts her where she want to be, which is usually in my arms.
Josephine loves food, strawberries and blueberries are her favourites.
With the move of house and me travelling to Sydney for a weekend, Josephine decided that sleeping through the night was for smucks. I love my sleep so to be going back to waking 2 - 3 times a night by this lit…