Book Week

I remember Book Week when I was a kid, each year mum would make us all new costumes. Some of my favourites where Raggedy Ann, A Princess with a cone hat and a long veil, it was the most beautiful thing I had (I was 6), and dressing in one of my Dad’s old suits with a pillow stuffed down my pants. I’m not sure who I was going as, maybe I was going as Dad.

Last year when we had book week; I whipped out my very old sewing machine and made Monique a Fancy Nancy costume. This year I had two kids to do, the pressure to live up to standards I had been brought up with to excel in the Book Parade, how my Mum did it with five kids I don’t know. We had a brainstorming session and Poppy decided that she wanted to go as Snow White. Easy my Mum had already made that costume so I just had to grab it out of the dress up box. Monique wanted to go as a Chinese girl. Another lucky choice as my Mum had made a dress for me when I was 19, amazingly it fit Monique. Seems like my Mum is still excelling at Book Parade .

Looking at Monique in the Chinese dress, I saw for the first time how very thin I was when I was younger. How is it possible that at 19 I had the waist measurement of a 6 year old? It was a bit of a reality check for me to be able to see myself in the mirror as the women that I am and not the women and body that i hoped to get back to.


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