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Choosing Hope

An open letter to all
As October marks International Pregnancy and Infant loss month it is time for many families to reflect on the impact one little soul has had on their lives even if it has been for such a short time.  In 2010 we were awaiting the arrival of our third baby, our first boy. On the day that we found out Riley was a boy; my husband had a spring in his step as he planned our son’s future sporting career and when would be a good time to retire from local club footy to take on a coaching role. We were so excited and never ever did we expect that our only son would never get to come home with us. We were a busy young family with two girls aged 4 and 2, like any family a new baby brings about much planning, hospital appointments on a weekly basis as my pervious babies arrived a little early and running around being the mum with all hats on at once. We had brought a new house to accommodate the new member of our family, set up his room and washed all his clothes, we were…