Super Powers & a Little Hope

Yet another morning of mad rush to get the girls out the door today. Last night I said I'm going to be more organised. I'll make their lunches at night, I will have library bags, homework and home readers all checked off and packed in bags. Today I will be super organised mum (imagine a flying red cape and me zooming around the house).

I almost cheered when we got out of the house early then I noticed the heavy rain; "Girls back in the house it is raining, raincoats please". Still not late, this is good I'm still on time. Now to find my umbrella and head out the door but what do I see from my front door? Miss Monique jumping in puddles in her sneakers. I yell at her "Do you have gumboots on", NO, "Are your a duck", NO "Are your feet wet" Yes. Oh well to bad lets just get to school, your feet are sure to get wet on our walk to school anyway.

Still feeling kind of pleased with myself that I'm still on time we start walking down the hill towards school. Monique is walking in front of me, then it dawns on me "Monique where is your school bag?"
Back up to the house to find Monique's bag. I love this girl and her teacher tells me how smart she is but sometimes she is a little ditsy.

Lets try again
Bags - Check
Kids - Check
Water streaming down their faces - Check

Well we finally made it to school and with my Super Mum cape on we actually made it on time.
The girls whre a little wet from our walk to school today, hopefully this will be one of the last times we have to make the treak to school in the rain. I have my Neurology appointment today and I hope that they are going to give me some good news about when I will be able to get my license back again. Now I have done my own research and the law says that I just have to be seizure free for 6 months. I haven't had a seizure since the 11th December, that is almost 6 months.  Surely they aren't going to make me wait another 10 days. Even still the end is in sight. I don't want to get my hopes up as I was so disappointed last time.

Roll around 1.45pm let see what this day holds, with my super powers today nothing will get me down (imagine arms outstreached ready to take flight)


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