What does your wife do during the day?

Our next door neighbour a couple of weeks ago asked Dave. So what does Ande do during the day?
Firstly what a strange question to ask and secondly haven't you seen that have a 4 yr old still at home with me. This has left me pondering what do I do during the day. Well on the days I have Poppy (she is in preschool two days a week) this is my average day:
Get breakfast for kids
Clean the kitchen
Sweep the floor
Pack lunch for school
Get the kids dressed and yell at them to get out of the door
Take them to school
Go to the shops to pick something up that I have usually forgetten to buy in the big grocery shop
Take Poppy to swimming lessons
Clean kitchen again
Feed Kid
clean up mess again
load of washing
vac the house
washing out
think what is for dinner
Bears of Hope work
Quick dash to get Monique from school
Take kids to park
Feed them
Feed them again
Cook dinner
Feed family
Clean up again
Bath the kids
Get them into bed
Read stories to each of them and get them to sleep.
Thats it, that is what I do on an average day, it is the same thing most days throw in a Dr appointment or extra cleaning or a phone call to a friend. So my lovely neighbour I know it may seem boring but I do lots of stuff and I'm glad I get to stay at home and do it and so it my wonderful husband. Staying at home works for our family and really that is all that matters. After years of not feeling validated as a Stay at Home Mum I'm now more then happy with my choosen career at this time!


  1. and to think most of them seem to think us stay at home mums just sit on our bum all day :o( lol


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