Sunny Days - 37 weeks so close I can almost reach it.

Written on Friday between 12.30am - 1am

At the clock has ticked over to midnight on the 2nd of December I know today is the day that you will be born. I know that if we work together we will be able to get through this labour and I will feel the joy once again of seeing my precious baby being placed in my arms. I look forward to seeing the look of amazment on your Daddy's face, the only way to describe it is "Oh My Wife is the most amazing person ever", not sure he would explain it this way but that is the way that I feel when he looks at me after giving birth.

We went and saw the Prof today and he very kindly could see that getting to 37 weeks was pretty amazing and I have been under enormous stress. The last couple of weeks have been very hard knowing we are just so close but it all seemed so far away. Even know as I sit here in labour and type this out to I feel excited but torn about going to the hospital and getting this all started. At our appointment today Prof did an internal to see if I could be induced and what method would need to be used. Surprisingly I was already 3 -4cm dilated, I hadn't even felt a contraction. Lucky me!.
The plan is to go to the hospital at 7am in the morning and have my waters broken but I really don't think we are going to make it until 7am. This evening was Poppy's preschool graduation concert and I just had to be there so my whole afternoon was focused on being there for my girl. She had to wear a clock and cap it was so cute and they sung two songs. I'm sure I will post more on that when I'm not so distracted. All afternoon whilst getting the kids ready and going to Preschool graduation I was having niggiling pains but I could easily shut them down and could still feel Sunny moving so knew I had a little bit more time up my sleeve.

With graduation checked off the list and the girls shipped off to Mum and Dad who just happen to be here on holidays. My mind could focus on letting my body do what it has to do.

30 minutes on I'm know thinking enough of this distraction, it is time to ring the hospital and make the 1 hr trip. I need to be in control and have the monitors on me to know what is happening. Right now it is one foot in front of the other to try and get over the finish line.


  1. And you did get over the finish line. I think I was more nervous about your pregnancy than any of my own - and we've never even MET!!! LOL. But I did understand a little the whole journey you and Sunny have travelled. xx


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