Mothers Day

As mothers day this year fell on Princess Poppy's birthday I didn't ask for presents but just what the kids got at school and preschool.
From Monique
When I asked her why she picked this one,she told me that she thought I would like it and it was a rock from Riley too. Some mums may find this a strange gift but i thought this was really sweet. The girls collect rocks for Riley, we have some that have travelled from Sydney with us. To have a little rock with Hope on it is so sweet to me and I'm so happy with my mothers day gift from Monique.

From Poppy, she made a heart at preschool and got her teacher to write what she loves about me. I love to cook almost as much as Poppy loves to eat. Usually when asked what she loves most about mum she will reply with 'she is the best cooker'. My heart is filled with such joy.
I love being a mum


  1. oh they are soooo cute! Monique is so thoughtful and I love how Poppy talks - just like Kobe :) Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day.

  2. Your heart must sing with your presents, and especially, the thoughts that went with them.
    Love Lorraine.

  3. Gorgeous! Happy Mother day and a BIG Happy Birthday to miss 4 :)
    Love the Wallys xoo

  4. Gorgeous Girls!!!!!



  5. not strange, very thoughtful :) glad you had a good day :)


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