Weekend in Sydney

What a whirlwind weekend in Sydney. I felt like I was running from one thing to the next to make sure I could fit it all in.
Friday included:
1. Shopping for new jeans
2. Spending time with my Sister (and my very funny nephew)
3. A Bears of Hope Ball Commitee meeting.
By this point I was running late.
4. Dinner with the Mother Group girls
By this point I was so late it was not funny. We had a lovely dinner and I was very surprised to get home with the clock telling me that Saturday had already started. (Yes they are my new jeans)

Saturday was much more relaxed with a morning at Glenbrook Markets. Or should I say should have been more relaxing. Whilst at Glenbrook markets 'Lib' got her wallet stolen by a pick pocket. Actually she was a dyed blond, mid to late 30 yr old women with a 6 yr old girl. Long story but we know it was her and confronted her, as you do. Nothing came of our confrontation and we ended at the cop shop to report the sneaky thief.
Lib I told you it would be blogged!


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