Sunny Days

Today I feel strong enough to share a little bit more about me or should I say our family. As I read back through my posts I see the joy and the pain that writing my blog & about Riley has brought to my life, it has been a wonderful way for me to remember all the special little moment in my life and to also share it with others.  It has been great to see my life evolve and the change to our life that our move to QLD has also brought.

Lets be honest if I wanted to just keep this all to myself I could, but anyone that knows me knows that I like to share. So today I want to share that I'm pregnant again and I know that for most this would be a wow that is wonderful, are you going to find out what you are having, when are you due etc etc all the question that are normally asked but along with being pregnant again also brings the story of how we got here and the journey that we have to travel to get to the end.

Pushing it out abit at 17 weeks
This is not my 1st pregnancy, 2nd, 3rd or even 4th. This pregnancy is actually my 6th. Doesn't add up when you only see me with two kids. We have Monique, Poppy, Riley and I have experience two miscarriages this year before falling pregnant for the 6th time. I'm very blessed not to have a problem in this department...

My blog is typically a bit of fun and it will continue to be but I also want to be able to share what it is like to pregnant again after losing a child and the joy, excitement, fear and anxiety that come with that.

But today lets go with the feeling of excitment. We are 18 weeks pregnant and I have a little belly happening which is very exciting and I can't wait until I'm huge.

When we told the girls that we are going to have another baby they where excited and had many questions. When we asked Poppy what we are having she told us we are having a girl and her name is Sunny. Hence the "Sunny Days" heading. She is still insisting that the baby's name is Sunny and although it is not what we will call her, it is what her name will be for now.

On the morning that I found out (after being in denial for about two weeks) there was the most beautiful rainbow at my front door as I left to drive the girls to school. As I drove that rainbow didn't disappear but travelled with me and for a moment there I saw the end of the rainbow and knew that it had been sent just for me. The end of the rainbow was within arms reach just as this baby will be.


  1. I'm really happy for you all and hope that you can really relax and start enjoying the rest of the pregnancy. LOVE the rainbow story :) I know nothing will replace Riley, but I hope having another baby will bring lots of joy back in your lives.

  2. Hey Ande,

    you are such an inspiring women and i have been reading your blog for a while now. i really appreciate the fact that you share so much of yourself and you have been a big help to me when things get harder :o) thanks so much for being you and the biggest congrats i can give. i am so happy for your wonderful news :o)


  3. i am so happy for you darling girl xx
    little sunny xx


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