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Looking back to 2009 I see why I started to blog was to document my life. My blog has kind of been an activity journal for the kids and I. So I want to take it back to being a document of my life and all areas of my life. I definately have blogged more this year thanks to a challenge set but a friend and to be honest I have enjoyed it. It gets my thoughts down on paper and out into the world.

There is not much about me as a person on this blog so here is a quick
Top 10 about Ande:
1. I love my family (as if this is not clear)
2. I'm scared of spiders and once called a friend to come over and kill one
3. I drive a little car when we have a bigger car for a couple of reasons but secretly I like to drive it because it is easier to park.
4. I buy chocolate and lollies and hide them from my family so I don't have to share
5. I love naps
6. My hair is 60% grey, I often part my hair different way to get more weeks out of a colour. I have been dying my hair since I was 14.
7. I'd love to live closer to the water, travel to Paris with the girls when they are teenagers and have more shoes
8. Sometimes I really don't feel like cooking dinner so I thinking of the easiest thing to cook and make that. Tonight is Sweet and Sour Chicken out of a jar
9. When I make cookies I make two batches and freeze one so that I can eat frozen cookie dough
10. When I was in year 6, I won the Citzenship Award at school and I was so proud. I have since found out this is not an award for being smart.


  1. 10 Facts I didn't know about you. I too LOVE frozen cookie dough but never think to freeze a second batch...helpful hint for the day....thanks Ande. Love reading your blogs...keep them coming. Janelle xxx

  2. It was a big spider Anz... More like a mouse with eight legs not just your run of the mill daddy long legs! Can't believe we ended up killing it with a shovel! Ha ha ha. Thinking about this still makes me laugh! xx

  3. Ande, Just love your top 10. When I make choc chip cookies I mix up one batch which makes 120, cook a few and then freeze the rest - been doing that for years. ALL my family love eating the frozen cookie dough more than when they are cooked (except me) but I still make them eat some cooked!

  4. You have left one off! Allow me to amend your list for you...

    11. I am a wonderful friend who is caring, thoughtful and considerate, kind and loves to have a laugh.

    There. Now your list is complete.

    Em xxx

  5. I remember you winning that award - I was SOOO jealous :)

    Rach (rach oxford)



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