Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Niece and Nephew

Baby Harrison is the first child of my brother in law Gary and sister in law Crystal. He was born 10 days over due and is such a cutie. These photos where taken when he was one week old. He looks much older and wiser then his age. A big congratulations to his Mum and Dad as they are sure to be wonderful parents.

Baby Marina is the second child of my brother in law Craig and sister in law Irina, Marina joins her beautiful big sister Chloe who in the last 8 months of us living away from them has grown so much and even more beautiful. My two princesses call Marina a 'Cutie Patootie', she is so petite and such a girl. It was so lovely to go to Sydney and witness the babies being blessed and loved that Marina was blessed with good humour to be able to deal with any of lifes challenges and see the positive side of life.

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