Little Athletics

We decided in September last years that we would become the proactive parents that take their kids to after school sports. We already do swimming (which is so important living so close to the coast), some how we came up with Little Athletic's as our choice.

Now I come from a long line of unsporty, unco-ordinated people and David thinks himself as a bit of a sportsman. My genes must be really strong is all I can say. There were a few nights when I couldn't go to Little Athletics and David would walk in the door after witnessing our princesses run with his head hung in shame. Monique would skip along, not a care in the world that the other 6 kids in her race had finished and she was still at the starting line.  Slowly we saw improvement and then there was the night of VICTORY.

It began like any other night, Poppy running around and enjoying herself in Tiny Tots, Josephine in the pouch and then it all happened. Monique was on the starting line and bang she was off, she rounded the corner, she came into the straight, she ran and she ran, then she realise that she was not last, there were other kids behind her. David and I stood on the side line screaming GO, GO, GO Monique like her life depended on it. She saw us, she saw the kids and she kept running. She came 4th but we celebrated like she had some 1st, High Five and fist pumps.

I think there may have even been a special trip for icecream afterwards. Our smiles as big as can be. It definately goes down as one of the proudest parenting moment so far.


  1. I would have loved seeing your faces.
    I had a real laugh at this entry.
    Love Lorraine.


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