Holidays Cancelled

Thanks to some little bug we have had to cancel our holidays to Sussex this year. On Sunday I had Poppy vomitting all day and then as soon as she had calmed down David cut his finger on a tin can. It was really gross and we had to spend four hours at hospital waiting for it to be stitched.
As soon as we got home at midnight Monique started vomitting and continued every half hour or so all night. I sat up on the couch waiting for the next cry out. Then at 3am took myself off to bed. I got a nice three hours sleep before the next vomit. People that say that you get to switch off being a mum when they go to bed is so wrong.

We were all fine yesterday and I thought that Dave and I would not get it but now, I have just heard that my sister's family have got it and there was a two day lag between the first four and the next two getting it.

Due to the lack of sleep from Xmas and the the sickness my head is full of cold just another joy of being pregnant. 24 weeks yesterday, starting to get really excited about the baby coming soon. I have bought a few things at Myer at the Xmas sales for Bub and also got my fat pants and skirt from Pumpkin Patch for half the price, so glad that I waited until the sales.


  1. Yah for getting your fat pants on sale! Sorry to hear that you're all feeling off :( Nasty stuff! And poor Dave with his hand....needles for Christmas, that's just mean!!
    Hope you're all better really soon :)


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