Remember the whale

The toll of a month off work and the girls being off school since the start of December is coming to a head. We are all at breaking point and are counting down the days until school starts and the routine gets back to 'normal'. We have dealt with the whinging and complain and we have had enough. How do you teach your children to be thankful for what they have. How do we teach our children that we are serious and have had enough of the shouting and complaining of 'Its not fair'.

Rip the spout off a whale to show them. Actions speak louder then words. In a moment of desperation the spout of whale got ripped off to tell the girls we have had enough and we are the parents, we have control and they will listen. Sounds a bit harsh but it worked and now all we have to say is 'REMEMBER THE WHALE'

Although the whale is Poppy's both girls where in tears when the whale got hurt. Monique through tear stained eyes said 'its not a whale any more, its a dolphin', to this Dave and I have to hold back the laughter.


  1. Oh that's funny that it is now a dolphin :) I know exactly where you are coming from though. I'm over all the fighting and complaining at the moment too. I lost it the other day too and it was the only thing that made the boys really sit up and listen to me! I hate having to get to that stage though. Hope that once school goes back, things calm down for you.


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