My baby is going to School

Poppy has been my baby for so long it now seems strange for her to be about to start school. She is younger then what Monique was when she started and maybe not as ready to go to school. Or am i just trying to holding onto my baby for a little bit longer. Poppy is very creative and has a tendency to not listen or to argue her opinion when she is asked to do anything. I'm sure all of these traits will serve her well when she is an adult.  It will be interesting how she goes at school. I predict that she will be very social, maybe not so academic as her sister. We definately won't have a problem leaving her at school on the first day, she is likely to find a friend and be sending us away.

This week being the week before school starts its practice week. We practice getting up in the morning on time, eating breakfast, having a bath, getting hair done, clothes on (in our practice runs I don't make them wear their uniforms) and be standing at the front door ready to leave the house as if we were going to go to school. On Monday we practiced up to getting dressed without their hair being done and today we practiced it all including the walk to school.

The girls think I'm a little crazy and they have even realised that not all kids do this, to this I answer 'Oh well, come on we have to get moving we are going to be late for school'.


  1. ha! I think it's a super idea....Mary is a stinker with getting her hair done, I don't know how we'll go on Kinder mornings.
    Love the pic, she does look all grown up! I still call Mary "baby" and she tells me off!

  2. You can’t avoid having mixed emotions when you see your little baby waving at you while stepping up to the school bus. You may feel both happy and sad. Happy, because you know she’s growing u, and a little sad because she has to learn to be independent. But it’s all part of parenthood -- come what may, she will always be your little baby.



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